Women's Group....

'I was new to the group this year, I came to my first meeting with a sense of trepidation but very quickly learnt I had nothing to fear. What I found was a group of very special women, who welcomed me into an extremely nurturing experience where I was allowed to be who I am.  Over the year we have shared so much, we have laughed and cried together all in a very safe place.' 

'Participating in the group offered the possibility to stop amidst the flurry of daily life, connect with some wonderful women I may not otherwise have had the opportunity meet, and experience my world in new ways. I often went outside my comfort zone, for example experimenting with movement or art, but found this freeing and strengthening. It was a chance to revisit values and priorities, and be supported and affirmed by others in the group. The shared afternoon teas were also fantastic!'

'I just wanted to thank you all for holding space for me over the last 12 months and most importantly, thank Leila for making this space possible and giving me the opportunity to take part.I have such deep gratitude for each and everyone one of you. For the second year in a row I have found the experiences and learnings from this circle to be nothing short of transformational and quite magical.Thank you for to each and every one of you, for being the incredible women that you are.  My heart is full of love and I feel truly blessed.'  

'I really enjoyed the topics we discussed and learning how others connect to the world. Mostly it felt like a safe space, with only a few moments where it felt a bit overwhelming. The group was diverse, warm and open. It felt like there was a wealth of life experiences and this helped support everyones uniqueness. I really thought this was powerful.'

Bali Retreat....

One word “Openness which is indescribable in many ways.  

  • My body feels open if this is possible, I feel taller not afraid of what life will throw at me, but stronger in myself and restored. 
  • I have a great sense of relief, hope and peace within myself.  
  • I feel like I have found the real me again, which I accept fully and rejoice in myself.  
  • My tears were released on the retreat, they for me represent the opening just letting them flow and to be able to experience not only the great sadness but the joy of being able to let them go. 
  • The combination of the theme of Chakra’s, yoga and group work all made this possible and I know my readiness to work on these things helped.   
  • I also learnt how important, no essential it is for me to have a week to myself in a nurturing environment, to refresh and recharge.

Life changing – Thank you!


Too many to describe:

  • The venue especially the Wanterland, what an amazing setting.
  • Yoga each day, I had a sense of excitement when walking down the path to yoga and at the end a feeling of deep inner peace.
  • Group work the whole process and the safety of being part of a group.
  • My morning walks, magical.
  • Meals, the joyful company.
  • Quiet time.
  • Bali, experiencing a different culture especially the chanting on an evening, the flowers and the majestic volcanoes.
  • The Chakra’s, something very new for me.
  • The friendship.
  • Having a man in the group.