Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt psychotherapy is is a collaborative, reflective journey between therapist and client, inviting you to become attentive to your own deep inner process in the here and now moment.

You are the expert on your experience, and therapy facilitates unfolding, emerging awareness, coupled with insight. This shift results in more choice about how you live your life, and greater vitality and energy.

You may notice fixed and familiar, repetitive patterns, which no longer serve you. These can be explored, and through gentle, safe meeting, change into new ways of being in the world.

"The human heart yearns for contact- above all it yearns for genuine dialogue...
Each of us secretly and desperately yearns to be 'met'- to be recognised in our uniqueness, our fullness and our vulnerability."
Lynne Jacobs

This process will allow you to make deeper connection with self and others, love life more vibrantly and be potent in the world.