Gestalt group work

The human heart yearns for contact...Lynne Jacobs.

I have written a little about what group work offers, and what to expect from joining a group which can deepen over 7 days of daily meeting. If you have never experienced a gestalt group before it may seem daunting, but the lovely part is the held, safe space we will create and the ever present invitation to make contact or withdraw according to your need.

Group work is an opportunity to explore your self and your engagement with others in a safe, held environment. The specific style we will use is Gestalt, which encourages exploration of emerging experience in the present moment without judgement. You can choose what and how you wish to share as each moment unfolds, while being invited into a deeper, fuller expression of yourself.

This work offers the multiple relationships and perspectives which arise in a healthy, vibrant, well functioning group and naturally echoes our orientation in other groups such as family, work and friends. There is therefore much to be learned and experimented with as the group forms and deepens, which can be taken back to your world.

Familiar patterns in life where you may feel stuck or lifeless are often relational and the healing power of the group is in relationship. We are social beings and need good contact and connection in order to flourish, however our difficult paradox is that relationship also involves risk. As a  therapist I know that support is required for growth and this is the piece that a group provides, a supported environment in which to explore self and other, experiment with new ways of being and take these skills back to your life space.

As a result of participating in the group, you will move closer to yourself, deepen and expand your inner landscape and have a firmer base from which to be with others. You will discover more choice in your response to life and build a bigger repertoire with which to engage with the world. This strengthening of self and relationship is the key piece that we seek, to bring vitality, joy and spontaneity back to life.