Gestalt group process explained

What is the reason to join a Gestalt process group?

Would you like to improve your relationships with family, partner and friends? Improve communication skills and ability to engage deeply and satisfyingly with others?
Do you yearn to be recognised in your uniqueness?
Are there stuck places in your life that you would like to soften and process, moving yourself into a different, more comfortable place?
Are you given the opportunity to resonate with the humanity of others in your life?

Gestalt group process is an opportunity to relate with others in a privileged way.

With the safety of confidentiality, listening and the avoidance of advice giving, the group becomes a container for authentic communication and contact between group members in the present moment. This is an opportunity to explore your own unfolding self-experience, to be as true as possible to who you are, and to be witnessed and confirmed in your uniqueness by a group who will attune and resonate with you. To be affirmed by this resonance with others touches us deeply at our deepest level of humanity. You will be able to listen to and engage with others in a much more meaningful and affirmative way, which will benefit everyone you contact in your life, families, partners, friends.

Not introspection or telling stories

Group work is not introspection, it is not simply the telling of stories about the past. Your stories will emerge and be explored in the present moment.
Group work requires full engagement with life in the context of others, an active exploration of each participants evolving resonance with the others in the group. There is support to manage and process emotions so you will be in a different place afterwards.
Keeping difficult emotions bottled up causes depression and anxiety, loss of spontaneity and sparkle in life.

When I see the group cushions or chairs set up before participants arrive, I feel a deep sense of relief and ease….I know that shortly, a group of individuals will sit here with me, all open to exploration, connection and deep resonance with each other. This is the joy of freedom!